2021 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaways: Day 16

Discover the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase! From no more bed head to less breakouts, a silk pillowcase is an easy way to amp up your beauty routine.

Today’s Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway item is a little slice of additional heaven for my favorite time of day – BED TIME! Literally every single night I get into bed, I tell Ben, “I’m so happy right now.”
A pretty silk pillowcase just adds to that feeling of bliss!
Silk doesn’t absorb much moisture and reduces friction so it’s great material for a pillowcase. Moisture from your hair and skin will stay put, and even if you toss and turn, breakage and tangles are reduced. This is a great addition to your existing beauty routine!
How to Enter
Enter to win a Silk Pillowcase valued at $28.99 by leaving the comment “sleep” in the comments section below. Should you choose, you can forgo the prize and I will donate its value in your name to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Contest is closed.

The fine print:

Charity may not be changed from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to another charity.
If a color or size substitution results in a price increase from the stated value of an item, an Amazon gift card may be chosen in the same amount as the item value listed on its giveaway page instead.
Giveaways open to residents of the contiguous United States only.

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